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How to get the most out of your website (Part 1)?

1. Be Available and Accessible

Why having a Website is important?

With a good Website, you can be available and accessible to your customers 24x7. Many local businesses believe that only e-commerce companies need a website to sell their products online. It is important to understand that even if your products are available only through a physical store or you are a service provider, your customers still want to remain in touch with you online.

Use your Website to provide the following information.

✅ Essential information about your business such as; your business name, phone number, email address, directions, and map to your store.
✅ Detail information about your products and services, even if you are not selling them online. Many customers are too busy these days and they may want to review your products, services, or menu in advance.
✅ You may add a price comparison of your products and services.
✅ Show examples of your work.
✅ You may even choose to include a 24x7 chatbot service on your website. This way you are engaging with your customers even during off-business hours.
✅ If you have an established online presence with a beautiful website, you can easily announce the launch of new or upcoming products and services. You can also engage directly with your customers and gather feedback on your new product launch.
✅ To take this to the next level and always stay in touch with your customers you can direct your website visitors to your social medial channels and enable them to interact with your business more effectively.

When you empower customers with this level of online accessibility, chances are that they would visit your store or office with a pre-decided mind to buy a particular product or service. It saves the customer’s time, makes life easy for them, and makes them feel positive about your business.

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